Iceland’s Signature

September 20, 2018


The Country of Iceland

Iceland was unlike anywhere else I’ve traveled. The environment can change from glacier landscapes to lava fields in a matter of moments – its almost as if you’re immersed in a real-world View-Master experience. I found it incredibly unique to have two drastically different terrains as next door neighbors, and contrary to being transported somewhere completely removed you are able to turn around and see the last slide is still right there in arms reach.

We’re all blessed that the country of Iceland believes their Black Sand terrains are worth sharing with others.

Most tourists plan their visit with intentions to explore the outline of the entire country – the ring road. We decided to differ from the usual plan slightly by getting our hands on a Land Rover Defender and plotting our excursion right through the middle of the island. We discovered and captured some unforgettable views like this first image of a vast black sand plain colliding with the largest and most voluminous ice cap in Iceland, Vatnajökull.

* Square & Portrait images were captured on Medium Format Film via the Pentax 67

Outer Space

House in Iceland Waterfall Rainbow